The Nokori Kit has been created to help improve the appearance of your scars and provide assistance to achieve the best results possible for your skin type. However, it should be noted that skin & scar results can differ considerably among patients.

In other words, no two patients will ever achieve the same result, even if the procedure is carried out by the same surgeon. Progress of healing is specific to the individual and you may heal faster or slower than other patients and may experience worse or better scarring. Scars cannot be avoided as this is the usual outcome of a surgery.

This, you need to accept and understand when you are having a procedure. Further, note that some patients may develop thick keloid scars that may need additional treatment/attention.

The images we share with you as before and after pictures should be used only as a guideline and not as a definite outcome. 

We would recommend that you always seek your surgeon’s advice with regard to what skin & scar products the surgeon would recommend for your specific skin type. The surgeon will be able to tell you as to what you can practically expect. There is no guaranteed outcome.

Please note that complications such as infection, delayed healing, wound separation and other complications may occur with any type of invasive procedure such as surgery.

NB: Nokori is not a Site that gives any medical advice or recommendations. If you rely on any of the information provided on this website, you do so at your own risk.