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Knowledge is strength.

Whether you’re heading into surgery, or have already begun your recovery journey, being provided with practical insights and knowledge about ‘what & when to do’ and ‘what & when to expect’ can bring some well-deserved clarity, peace of mind, and even a sense of control over what is often a very unfamiliar situation.

Feeling in control is essential to maintaining physical and mental well-being, which in turn increases the chances of improved surgical outcomes and faster recovery.

At Nokori, we want you to feel as empowered and in control as possible. For that, we’re building tools that provide you with quality education and information, relevant to your procedure and your recovery, delivered at the exact time you need it.

1. Patient sourced.

Insights and tips are all based on peers that shared their journeys and documented their experiences.

2. Surgeon-vetted.

All insights, knowledge, and recommendations have been reviewed and vetted by surgeons.

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