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We genuinely hope you enjoy using your Nokori products and that they help you feel relaxed, recharged, and empowered on your personal journey.

Looking for guidance?

No matter where you’re at in your healing journey, you might find our Instagram or our support platform useful to help with your recovery.

You will find scar care guides and tutorials, information snippets and procedure-specific support programs designed to keep you on track with your scar care protocol and guide you through the hoops of pre and post-surgery care.

Are you seeking extra support?

Our patient Support Platform holds a series of scar care Information Snippets designed to help you better understand how to take care of your skin and scars. We made these snippets just for you, so use them as you like, and share them with friends who might benefit.

As a Nokori patient, you can freely access all our Support Programs. These programs help you with your recovery and include tips for managing your skin and scars, tools to keep track of your progress, and useful advice from other patients.

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